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If you want to be visible, you have to show up. Business without a website? We know that these days it’s impossible.

SEO Audit

The purpose of the audit is to detect any irregularities in the functioning of the parties and to propose solutions more efficient, allowing for a much better use of its potential.


Promoting on the Internet is one of the most modern way to advertise your company and presenting the offer to a wide or narrow specialized audience.

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Google Update Hummingbird

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What is Google Hummingbird Google ZOO is increasing: it was Panda, a Penguin now it’s time for novelty, namely: Google Hummingbird. This news was for Google a kind of a gift for 15th anniversary. New search algorithm is designed to empathize more with the needs of Internet users. Will respond to the phrase zero-click, which

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Google Penguin Update

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Google Penguin Update The amount of websites is increasing every day, every day creating new sites, blogs and forums. On the first page of Google search shows only ten addresses. Every website owner who wants website to be popular in the search results, looks for ever more sophisticated strategies, which are positioning your site. Unfortunately,

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What you should know before you decide on SEO

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Thoughtful and professional SEO efforts are the key to increase the popularity of the website and thus to achieve business success. The whole process optimization and related decisions require first of all knowledge on how it should be carried out. To website was an effective source of information and effective marketing tool should meet the

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Positioning ethics

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White Hat, ie ethical positioning SEO is a set of activities aimed at increasing their popularity in the search engines and the same: to make them more visible to the audience. There are many positioning techniques, which, paradoxically, result in the need to find new, more innovative ones. With increasing competition often site owners are

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I got a filter – does this mean the end?

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I got a filter – what now? Receiving from search engine filter is for many site owners a reason to panic, but first you must learn how to filter really works and what it means for your site. So let’s answer some basic questions about it. First, why do I got filter? Search engine capped

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A guarantee of success in SEO in 2015

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New year 2015 is not only the next 12 months: a chance to change your life, correct mistakes and start all over again. It’s also a good time to achieve professional success, especially when the previous years were not very successful. The new year is a time of further news, innovation and ways for it

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