The purpose of the audit is to detect any irregularities in the functioning of the parties and to propose solutions more

efficient, allowing for a much better use of its potential.

SEO – Search engine optimization

Friendly and popular website is your key to success!

The purpose of the audit is to detect any irregularities in the functioning of the parties and to propose solutions more efficient,

allowing for a much better use of its potential. By carrying out a professional SEO site audit becomes effective marketing tool
and functional source of information about the company.

1. You can not find your website on the Internet?
2. Not sure if the site is functional for users?
3. You want to raise its position in search results?

If the answer to these questions yes, professional SEO audit is exactly what you need!

What is SEO audit?

SEO audit is a thorough and detailed examination of the website, which includes a number of tasks and activities. After conducting

the audit, the customer receives a clear report, which contains recommendations to improve the relative position of the competitors.

Thanks to the implementation of these measures, the page becomes more functional and modern.

SEO audit is an analysis page for:

1. your website search engine friendliness,
2. its availability and popularity,
3. its usefulness
4. The accuracy of the code page

Our offer

Performed by us SEO audits are the result of experience, excellent knowledge of the industry and the overall activities of the
study sites. Our customers can count on our commitment and individual approach to each side, which we submit SEO audit.

The audit process is performed such activities as:
1. analyze the popularity and competitiveness of key phrases
2. analyze the activities of competitors
3. check the quality of content on the site and the saturation of your website keywords
4. improve the speed of loading pages and each your website tabs
5. check the quality and correctness of the code page and its compliance with the guidelines of the W3C
6. The examination of links leading to a test page and outgoing links
7. mapping parties in order to increase its functionality
8. collect information about the position in the search engines terms of competitive websites
9. … and much more!

What will you gain by ordering professional SEO audit?

First of all you will learn your site better, you will find out what are its strengths and weaknesses.

1. find out what elements require optimization measures, aimed at improving the position of the site in search engines
2. improve your website indexation
3. increase the amount of keywords, at which Internet users get to your website
4. lift up degree of usefulness of the page for users
5. significantly reduce the costs associated with the campaign sponsored links

With the implementation of the changes that we propose in the final report, your site will gain a better position
in search engines and therefore become more accessible and popular.